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Conserve Water with Rain Bird Water Smart Irrigation Products

10,000,000 Gallons Saved and Counting – At Rain Link Inc., we understand that water conservation is a major concern for many customers. This has fueled us in our mission to provide top of the line water smart irrigation products to customers in the Wichita area. The use of these Rain Bird water smart irrigation systems can greatly help improve sprinkler system efficiency and help customers reach goals of water conservation. With the use of Rain Bird water smart irrigation systems and products, we have already saved our customers over 10 million gallons of water in 2013.
To learn more about our commitment to water conservation through the use of water smart sprinkler products or to find out how you can have a water smart irrigation system installed, contact us today!

Our Rain Bird Water Smart Sprinkler Products
We can use a variety of Rain Bird water smart irrigation products in the design of your irrigation system to help conserve water. These products aid in water conservation by reducing water evaporation, preventing over watering, and improving the overall efficiency of your system. As a result of using these water smart irrigation products, you can reach your goals of water conservation while reducing water usage costs.

Rain Bird PRS Plus Sprinklers
RainBird PRS (Pressure Reducing Stem) Sprinklers contain a pressure reducing stem inside of the shaft of the sprinkler heads. This ensures even water flow and a reduction in mists and fog, which can evaporate. The use of these Rain Bird sprinkler heads can result in water conservation of up to 1 gallon of water per minute per sprinkler head. Additionally, Rain Bird PRS Plus Sprinklers contain an internal check valve that prevents low head drainage from low spots, such as the bottom of a hill.

Want to find out more about Rain Bird PRS Sprinklers and how you can save water with this smart water irrigation product? See the resources below or call us today.
Rainbird PRS Website
Rainbird PRS Water Savings Calculator

Rainbird Master Valve | Wichita, KS | Rain Link Inc. | 316-838-8488
Once we connect to your main water supply, the water flows through your backflow prevention device and continues into a main PVC supply line that is installed in your yard. The manual valve is then turned on at the water supply, and your main PVC supply line fills with water putting it under constant pressure at all times.

The water that is in the main PVC line is under static water pressure at 60-100PSI. So if there were to be a leak in that main PVC line or a damaged pipe, water would continually run out of the pipe at over 20 Gallons per Minute, until the system was manually shut off at the water supply.
With a Master Valve Installed on your system, your main PVC supply line is no longer under constant water pressure. Therefore, it won’t continuously leak at 20 gallons per minute in the case of a damaged pipe. Instead, the water is only released into the main supply line when the Master Valve opens up after receiving a signal from your controller.

Overall, the Master Valve prevents your main PVC supply line from being under static water pressure at all times. Additionally by installing this extra valve at the head of your system, you will reduce the stress on your valves and connections ultimately lengthening the life of your system and its components.

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