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Drainage | Wichita, KS | Rain Link Inc. | 316-838-8488
Drainage | Wichita, KS | Rain Link Inc. | 316-838-8488

Drainage System Installation

A beautiful lawn is dependent on water, however too much of it can be a problem. Excessive water can cause damage to your property, such as: soil erosion, leaky basements, unhealthy plants, mosquito nests, and more.

While most of these problems start off small and gradually become more and more of a problem, Rain Link Inc. offers a variety of drainage solutions that will secure the removal of unnecessary water.

 Below are a Few Examples of Drainage Problems and Solutions

Drainage Problem Drainage Solution
Drainage | Wichita, KS | Rain Link Inc. | 316-838-8488

Excessive water can drown evergreens, flowers, and other landscape investments.



Without proper drainage, excess water around the home cracks & damages the foundation and basement walls. Water can enter the home and promote growth of mold.


Wherever there’s a dip in the yard, puddles of water can create s muddy mess, which means muddy footprints and pet prints around and inside your home. Puddles of standing water also provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes & other insects.

Drainage | Wichita, KS | Rain Link Inc. | 316-838-8488

Catch basins and Atrium grates remove excess water to protect root systems from overwater and rot.



Directing water from a downspout through a catch basin prevents the clogging of your drainage system by debris from roof.



Catch basins and grates installed in low spots don’t give water a place to stand. Water can be piped to a pop up emitter or a French drain that will discharge the water.


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